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OUR PORTFOLIO: Sarvil Limited



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RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited granted a Micro-equity and mezzanine investment Finance Facility of N17m to Sarvil Limited, to enable the customer acquire; 3 new Futon Trucks, 12 Kv Generator, Bottle water Sealing Machine and Working Capital. Sarvil Limited (formerly Sarvil Enterprises), commenced business October 14, 2011 and was incorporated April 28, 2012. Sarvil started a business relationship with RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited in August 2012. The company prides itself with the production of quality sachet and bottled water with plans of diversifying into the production of beverage drinks. .

Sarvil Limited like every other Small and growing businesses in Nigeria is struggling to survive from lack of financial support and capacity development for sustainability.


RegCharles Finance in its unique way of tailoring models that best solve a client’s business issues, structures solutions that is periodically reviewed to produce best results by helping MSMEs expand their access to finance for sustainable development; September 11th 2012 Sarvil was availed N500,000.00 an asset Refinancing Facility to enable the customer fund the expansion and diversification of their production line into the production of flavored bottled water also February 1st 2013.



Sarvil Limited like every other Small and growing businesses in Nigeria is struggling to survive from lack of financial support and capacity development for sustainability. Sarvil was granted an Asset Finance Facility of N1m to finance the purchase of a truck for business operations.  RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited stimulates an improved business environment that will enable the MSMEs thrive successfully, Improve access to markets, business skills and information, improve the MSME financial Infrastructure, creation of new opportunities through innovation, support the creation of an environment through which SMEs will have access to debt, FDI and portfolio investments flows can be enhanced, provide the required advisory services clients in areas like business valuations, corporate strategy, investment appraisals, evaluating, structuring, negotiating monitoring, and closing transactions, M&A, portfolio restructuring, fund raising and capacity development etc in order to create financially stable entities for the SMEs.


With our team of business professionals, economists, strategists and financial analysts with extensive experience in the application of micro, small and medium enterprises development, Sarvil Limited was monitored/supervised and in order to ensure we fulfill our mandate which is empowering and nurturing to success, RegCharles Micro Equity and mezzanine Model was introduced to Sarvil Limited, this model offer capital to businesses with consistent and growing cash flows in exchange for a share of equity while repayment of the debt is in progress. This way, the investor and entrepreneur both have an interest in the continued growth of the company and access to investment capital in order to scale their business from a micro-venture to a medium-sized enterprise.


Our port-folio is to support micro, small and medium enterprises, poor famers, and its counterparts to improve their capacity and build the growth strategy with sustainability for the long- term socio-economic development and job creation in Africa.This is Social and Impact Investing in action!


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