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RegCharles Project Target Investment Plan


This is a product of RegCharles meant to provide you with comfort in planning for a future activity while guaranteeing a competitive return on your investment. The Project Target Investment Plan is an instrument designed to provide funding for a particular project or event. It involves continuous periodic placement of funds, which attracts high returns allowing the investor to meet his prospective commitments. The overall plan is structured to match the time when the fund will be required.


Features and Benefits

      •  Secured and Guaranteed

      •  Serves as Collateral for borrowing

      •  Tenor is targeted to coincide with the time of the project

      •  Pre-liquidation is not allowed.

      •  Interest rate is negotiable and competitive

      •  Simple and easy to operate

      •  Access to RegCharles weekly investment bulletin.

      •  Preferred credit status and other unquantifiable benefits

      •  Flexible form of savings towards a particular project

      •  Professional management of the funds and intended project by RegCharles

      •  Stress free investment that allows periodic placements and payments

      •  Subject to withholding tax charge of 10% flat. 


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