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RegCharles MSME Impact Funds


MSME Impact Fund offers an opportunity to private investors, institutional investors, social investors and donors to catalyze a long term, sustainable growth of the Nigerian MSME sector. The Fund invests in high impact companies in the Nigerian MSME sector to enable them to grow and create jobs in their whole value chain. The goal of MSME Impact Fund is to generate a sustainable positive impact on MSMEs while offering a fair return to our investors. We target MSMEs as they are in the ‘missing middle’ of finance in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.


Features & Benefits:


      •  Minimum subscription of N200,000

      •  Tenor of 1 – 10 years

      •  Negotiable yearly return rate (can be cumulative at the discretion of the investor) in addition to 2.5% of fund invested for full maturity at 1              year, 4% of fund invested for full maturity at 2 years, 5% of fund invested for full maturity at 3-4years, 7.5% of fund invested for full               maturity at  5-7years, 10% of fund invested for full maturity at 8-10 years

      •  Preferred Credit status

      •  Free RegCharles Bulletin

      •  Technical partnership and advisory services to be offered to subscribers on a quarterly basis


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