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RegCharles Lease Investment Note


RegCharles Finance and Capital Ltd is poised to generating opportunities for corporate bodies (majorly MSMEs) as well as individuals to have access to equipments, vehicles and appliances that will make work and life easier and more worthwhile. Hence the need for us to launch the RegCharles Lease Investment Notes (RLIN). This product will focus on providing corporate bodies and consumers (individuals) access to funds for the acquisition of equipments, vehicles and other appliances using the finance lease medium.


This product offers organizations (investees) the opportunity to deploy the monies that would have been used for capital expenditure in the execution of other business activities hence allowing it to achieve long term capital growth. It also offers individuals (consumers) the opportunity to acquire assets that will improve their lifestyle without impacting negatively on their cash-flow. 


Features and Benefits

      •  Targeted Product Categories are Corporate Lease Finance (equipment, vehicles etc.) and Consumer Lease Finance (vehicles, electronics etc.)

      •  Targeted Amount is N500,000,000 (Five hundred million naira only)

      •  Minimum Subscription is N1,000,000 (One million naira only)

      •  Maximum Subscription is N150,000,000 (One hundred and fifty million naira only)

      •  Tenor is 1 – 5 years (with roll-over option)

      •  Pre-Termination is not allowed

      •  Gross Returns to investors is 15% - 18% p.a. (depending on amount and tenor) Returns are paid on a quarterly basis or at the end of the                 investment tenor depending on your request.

      •  Investors who lock in their funds for a tenor of 3 (three) years and above will be entitled to incentives as follows:

              •  3 year tenor – 1% flat of initial invested amount

              •  4 year tenor – 3% flat of initial invested amount

              •  5 year tenor – 5% flat of initial invested amount

      •  Investment can be used as collateral for other facilities

      •  Entitled to free advisory services on a need basis

      •  Entitled to free intelligence reports based on preferred industry


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