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As part of her Entrepreneurship Initiatives, RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited partners with Career Solutions on the Summer school programme and the one-year project. In 2013, RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited entered into a partnership with Career Solutions Africa as providers of Entrepreneurship Programmes targeted at providing some form of early stage entrepreneurship and personal finance management education and training to students of Public secondary schools in Lagos State. The program was developed based on the premise that every student needs to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for entrepreneurship.


This impactful initiative of RegCharles without any doubt would be of lifelong benefit to the participants-students in the not too distant future.

RegCharles’ partnership with Career Solution Africa has enriched our Summer School programme in a number of ways including but not limited to:
      •  Facilitating entrepreneur-track career training sessions at the schools
      •  Carrying out assessments to identify students with entrepreneurial inclinations
      •  Enlisting support from our other partners
      •  Sourcing for facilitators to lead sessions at the schools
      •  Providing mentoring/shadowing opportunities for students and successful entrepreneurs


Career Solutions Africa is a Social Enterprise providing career advisory, tools and information to serve as a catalyst to individuals and organizations for attainment of career goals. At RegCharles, because we are constantly interested in succeeding with every company/person we partner with, we are confident this partnership is a sustainable one.
































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