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RegCharles Invest In Jollymax Investment Limited.



In its efforts to revolutionalize the nation’s Small and Medium Enterprises’ operators with its holistic SMEs’ frameworks RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited has displayed its unparalleled commitment towards making major impact in the micro small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector in Nigeria thereby harnessing the sector’s full potential. This was recently showcased when RegCharles invested the sum of Thirty Thousand dollars ($40,000.00) in JollyMax Investment Ltd, an agribusiness established with focal areas on livestock rearing, with plans to expand its operational coverage and scalability to incorporate livestock processing for sale, targeting operators in the Nigerian retail sector such as restaurants, super/hyper markets and hotels.


With this investment’s effects, RegCharles has been able to impact the Nigerian Agricultural sector and concurrently generating diversified livelihood, employment opportunities, economic empowerment and ultimately contributing to the nation’s GDP. By investing in JollyMax Investment Ltd, which operates in Nigerian Agribusiness landscape, RegCharles pro-actively supporting the sector and which would positively impact on the growth and development of the Nigerian economy.


RegCharles Finance and Capital Ltd is a Non Bank Finance Institution based in Lagos Nigeria, licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to carry out Fund Management services on behalf on various cadres of Investors, hence earning them the alias Money Managers. The organization’s Investment Strategy hinges on Impact Investment in commercially viable triple bottom-line businesses that address social, economic and environment issues. The organization’s aim is to generate sustainable wealth for their investors, as well as the entrepreneurs they invest in.


In addition to providing access to finance for enterprises, RegCharles also provides capacity development for the businesses they support, such as entrepreneurship training, access to business information, technology integration, networking platforms, mentoring as well as access to markets through the RegCharles Foundation and other partners. The SME sector in Nigeria currently employs about 25 million people and accounts for about 40 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product. Despite recent growth in the economy, it is realized that economic growth that does not reach the SMEs cannot make any meaningful impact.


RegCharles had played and still plays vitally important role in its support for SMEs and its strategic focus on financing MSMEs had led to significant investments in structures and processes dedicated to this sector.


RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited…..”Succeeding with you!”































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