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REGCHARLES Business Loans


RegCharles Business Loans and Bail Out services is meant to provide our customers with the working capital required to grow their business, meet their demands and assist in turning around the illiquidity in the system.

We do not provide the loan on itself but partner with you to ensure the success of the loan purpose through advisory services. This is what makes us unique. Though the facility is meant to be revolving, we consider the peculiarity of every situation in advancing the funding.

Bail out financing is a situation where we provide money to a failing business to augment working capital in order to prevent the consequence that arises from a debt overhang. Bailout is usually in form of facility disbursed for the use of the business organization in need of it. We not only disburse the funds but we follow it through until you succeed.

Unlike our competitors, we offer bailout funds to our clients in need of this credit facility in form of short term loan to augment working capital.  We provide emergency funds to corporate organizations that are in need funds to execute a crucial part of their business or to resuscitate their business activities.


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