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OUR PORTFOLIO: Everight Diagonistics and Labouratory Services


EVERIGHT DIAGNOSTIC & LABORATORY SERVICES LIMITED is an indigenous company incorporated May, 2005. The company was set up with the intent of providing medical diagnostic and laboratory services to patients. Their services include; pathology & imaging services and Diagnostic & laboratory training services. The company is a major player in the Diagnostic sub-sector of the medical industry and has several awards for outstanding services to humanity.


Everight Diagnostic and Laboratory Services was established with the objective of providing medical diagnostic and laboratory services to patients thereby saving lives and improving the quality of life for healthy individuals. Although the Promoter is adequately trained and possesses the required expertise and experience to set up this business entity, lack of access to funds stalled their ability to provide top-of-the-range and affordable diagnostic services to patients.


RegCharles Finance and Capital Finance and Capital availed the company N20m for business expansion, through branch creation in major cities in Nigeria and meet its growing customers’ demands, as well as business advisory services related to:


      •  Proper accounting and book keeping to reduce income leakage

      •  Regular Audit of the company’s books and financial position

      •  Access to business environment information

      •  Preparation of a standard business plan

      •  Access to market



Everight Diagnostic and Laboratory Services will benefit from their partnership with RegCharles Finance and Capital Finance and Capital by:

      •  Acquisition of the most recent equipments in Laboratory Technology in Nigeria and operates their processes in correlation with American Standards.

      •  Our business environment information services has availed the client with opportunities to partner with over 40 medical institutions in Nigeria

       •  Due to the increase in patronage of this Laboratory by patients all over Lagos, Everight Diagnostics and Laboratory has the most competitive prices in its environment, thereby the company is able to impact its society, as well as business expansion to cover cities in other parts of Nigeria.


At RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited, success is our middle name, and you stand to benefit this and much more by partnering with us.


In addition to advisory services and establishing sound accounting system, adequate time is devoted to understanding the company’s major challenges and weaknesses, thereafter structured solutions are put in place to ensure smooth process flow whereby   monitoring/supervision are done, ensuring the newly mapped out structures are followed to ensure the success of the establishment, positive impact on the entrepreneur, Human Capital Development, adding value and contributing to the development of the Nigerian economy by alleviating poverty through job creation.


RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited …….”Succeeding with you”


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