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OUR PORTFOLIO: Capelli Beauty Salon & Spa Centre


 In Nigeria today, we face a critical decision-making point; the inflection upon which Nigeria’s transition from being a thriving, oil-rich country to a leading nation; one that uses all its resources – natural and human – to build an equitable, diversified and sustainable economy. The missing link to bolster such progress is women.


Nigerian women are responsible for more than 50 percent of the country’s agricultural labour and they make up the majority of the informal workforce. Their efforts can have an impact on the country’s overall productivity; their education and health can ensure the wellbeing of future generations; To capitalise on these potential gains and ensure equitable development, RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited has injected $300,000.00 Micro equity investments into a beauty and SPA business owned and promoted by a female entrepreneur.


Capelli Salon & Beauty Parlour Ltd established as a Limited Liability Company, is a service oriented company with the principal office at Ikeja, Lagos.  Their services include rendering quality hair, nail, and skin services as well as sales of top lines of beauty products to numerous clients.


Beauty and SPA is a business that has attracted huge investments in the last 3 years according to research. The opportunities can be viewed from the commercial returns and social effects. From employment opportunities to huge investments returns on deployed capital, this sector is attracting attention on daily basis.


The major promoter and manager of Capelli Salon is Miss Daisy Obiano, a graduate of Edo State University, Ekpoma where she obtained her B.Sc in Biochemistry in 1998. She has acquired competencies and skills on information technology, entrepreneurship, organisation and administrative. She has a wonderful experience on business development with Capital Express Insurance Company and Abraham Holmes Ltd. She has attended some training at Crestcom International based in Denver, Colorado, USA where she acquired some skills on Bullet Proof Sales. She is a qualified stylist and Beautician having been trained at the Hair Academy of South Africa on product use and treatments for different hair types.


 This investment by RegCharles has the following implications:

       •  Social and Impact effects in projecting values

       •  Women owned businesses getting attention

       •  In line with the MSME focus of RegCharles

       •  Possibility of employment opportunities for 10 young ladies and 5 men in the least

       •  Female financial inclusion and empowerment.


This is RegCharles and this is our model……………helping the unbanked to be financial independent and succeed with them in their ventures.


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