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RegCharles Asset-Based Finance is one of the numerous credit products offered by RegCharles and focused on providing fast-growing or highly leveraged companies with working capital.


This form of financing is ideal for companies that are:

  • looking for growth financing;

  • have reserves yet to be turned to cash;

  • are expecting some fund in the future out of services provided in the immediate;

  • in an acquisition mode;

  • in cyclic or seasonal industry;

  • faced with a high leverage, outside of conventional lending criteria;

  • experiencing restricted cash flows;

  • need to refinance existing debt and/or

  • in a management or leverage buy-out situation.


The growing demand by entrepreneurs for financing led us to into the innovation of this specialized form of credit geared at empowering our clients to take advantage of the opportunities in their sector of operation. We prefer to work with companies whose receivables (collateral) can be quickly turned to cash if need be. Restaurants, retailers and others that collect credit-card payments are popular in this dispensation but it does not exclude other sectors with liquid receivables.

Our Asset-based lending rates are generally higher than those on traditional bank loans, but offer an opportunity for quick cash. However, the more liquid the receivables or assets we are financing are, the lower the rates. We understand the risks in this specialized transaction and have devised a better method of valuing the transaction to the benefit of the financier and the obligor. At RegCharles, we consider the eligibility of the receivables in a professional manner before we provide the advance rate. (The advance rate is the maximum percentage of the current borrowing base that the lender can make available to the borrower as a loan and ranges between 60-90% or more of the receivables).




  • Quicker processing time and with less credit quality.

  • Financial covenants are more flexible than more traditional financing.

  • Enables you to take advantage of business opportunities by providing quick cash for your operations.

  • We treat your transactions in its peculiarity.

  • Availability of additional services, like payment processing and collections



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